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General information

In an initial consultation, we work together to determine which psychological assistance (counseling, clinical psychological treatment, health psychological counseling, referral to psychiatric treatment) is most appropriate for your current life situation.

This involves getting to know each other and creating the starting point for a joint working alliance. Goals, costs as well as duration of the treatment are discussed.

Clinical-psychological diagnostics
Upon presentation of a physician’s referral for clinical-psychological diagnostics, there is the possibility of reimbursement by the statutory health insurance. The psychological service provided by an elective psychologist cannot be billed directly to the health insurance fund. The psychologist of choice issues a fee invoice, which is paid by the patient for the time being. The patient can submit this fee invoice, including the confirmation of payment, to his/her health insurance company and request reimbursement of the costs. The patient will be reimbursed 80% of the amount that a psychologist would receive for the same service. It should be noted that this does not necessarily mean that the patient will receive 80% of the fee paid by a psychologist of choice for diagnostic services, since psychologists of choice are not bound to health insurance tariffs when setting their fees, or the services may be purely private.

Clinical-psychological treatment
At the moment, there is no possibility of reimbursement of clinical psychological treatment by the public health insurances in Austria. Additional health insurances refund, if diagnostics and treatment by psychologists are included in the treatment catalog, 50-80% of the costs up to the cap amount stated in the insurance policy.

Supervision cannot be reimbursed by statutory health insurance funds, as it is not a form of medical treatment.